About Us

Our Vision

Is to have a place where caregivers can connect with others caregivers to share Resources and Receive Education about the latest topic about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our Mission

 Our charitable purpose is to provide a network and connections between families , professionals, caregivers and autism's organizations. We also strive to encourage and create parent support groups and provide parent training strategies for families and caregivers.

Care and Support

We are more than a support group, we run different programs in our community. Like Art, Yoga, Educational workshops , Presentation, Resources fairs etc.

Our Story

About the Founder Olga Concha and her son Gustavo Concha

Gustavo was diagnosed with autism in the middle of the spectrum at the age of 3 . The doctor didn't give us any hope that Gustavo was going to be able to speak any language. 

We started one to one multidisciplinary treatment at very early stage.

Gustavo now is 15 years old, and in regular classes. He is doing very well thanks to his therapies.Gustavo still in ABA therapy at home to help him with social skills . Gustavo has participated in sport programs known as Love Serving Autism where he was an student now he is a volunteer, he also participate in Parkland sports Buddies, Special  Olympics and others

We are so proud of how well he is doing. Gustavo is a very good student. He represent his Middle school Loggers Run on the youth Leadership Conference in Washington DC. 

To have Gustavo in my life has been a blessing and  I am so proud to see how hard he works to overcome his disability everyday.

I promised God, I will help others as God and others help us 

Looking forward to meeting you and discussing your personal needs.

Olga Concha

President - Executive Director

Autism Care Center Inc.

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